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Flight of the Bumblebee Video Bumblebee Introduction Dive inside the Hive For more Bees in motion, grab a cup of tea (with honey!) and check out the latest additions to all our mic lines on our Neat YouTube channel.

Audio Samples

These Neat Bumblebee microphone recordings were recorded in a typical home studio environment with minimal acoustic room treatments using a common USB interface with integrated microphone preamplifiers. These audio samples were created to allow you to hear what the Neat Bumblebee sounds like in a typical recording environment, and not what is achieved in a state of the art recording studio under perfect conditions.

Microphone Technical Specifications

Transducer Type

Proprietary 24 mm Condenser Capsule, internally shock-mounted

Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

20 Hz – 20 kHz

Sample Rate

96 kHz

Bit Depth

24 bit


16 mV/Pa at 1kHz (1 Pa=94dB SPL)

Maximum SPL

128 dB SPL (0.5% THD)

S/N Ratio

98 dB-A (IEC 651)

Noise Level

14 dB-A (IEC 651)

Dynamic Range

98 dB (@ 2.5k ohms)

Power Requirement


System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.6 or higher; Windows 7 or higher

Headphone Amplifier Technical Specifications


16 ohms

Power Output (RMS)

100 mW



Frequency Response

20 Hz - 22 kHz

S/N Ratio

90 dB

“The Neat Bumblebee not only looks ultra-cool — it's an excellent plug-in-and-play recording solution.”

— Musicradar